About Us

 At McCain we’re committed to making sure that every meal, every mouthful and every moment feels good.

We strive to produce good, simple food, from wholesome ingredients, which make meals more delicious. To us it doesn’t get any better than that.

Our History


It all began with the two McCain brothers in Florenceville, Canada 1957 and since then the McCain family has gone to great lengths to bring the very best products to tables around the world.

Over the years McCain has become a global leader in frozen foods, and a highly respected and welcome regular on every shopping list.

We set down our roots on South African soil in 2000 and we are a proudly South African enterprise. It's a tribute to our high standards and quality foods that in just over 10 years we’ve managed to become a household favourite of frozen chips, vegetables and meals.

Right from the very beginning when the McCain Brothers founded this company, they had a simple philosophy: ‘good ethics is good business’. We’re proud to say that this is as true today as it was back then – we’re a good company making good food and that’s what we mean when we say, ‘It’s all good’.

Our Business


From humble roots, with just one small operation and 30 employees back in 1957, McCain now employs over 20 000 people and operates in 53 facilities worldwide.

We thrive on creating wholesome ingredients, packed with goodness. Which means that our customers can rest assured that McCain will always provide a healthy and trustworthy option when they’re looking for nutritional, convenient, reliable and tasty products.

We believe that good old-fashioned hard work, constant development and a passion for making good food has been the key to our success.

Being good by no means refers to just our food. It’s about every aspect of this family business. From our products, to our people, to our relationships with our customers, and even the way we work with our farmers.


We only use the finest farm-fresh potatoes to make our wide range of chips. And every single vegetable is grown carefully, and lovingly picked and prepared the McCain way, to ensure freshness, quality and deliciousness.

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Our Products

People are the backbone of our business. We constantly review our existing practices and try to find new ways to ensure we’re keeping up with the industry around us and giving our people opportunities to grow.
We run a number of structured and functional training initiatives each year. Every programme is aligned as far as possible with the National Qualification Framework and supports industry skills and development initiatives.

Our various programmes are aimed at:

Business Programmes for business leaders;

Manufacturing Excellence;

Agricultural Competency Development.

Providing bursaries


Our Products

For us everything starts and ends with quality. We believe it’s our total dedication to only supplying the very highest quality products that has made us South Africa’s favourite frozen food supplier and brand.

In 2010, global food safety regulator, AIB International, awarded the McCain factory in Delmas with a gold standard accreditation. This is high praise in our world. Being awarded a gold standard accreditation is the highest accolade in the AIB system. And when it comes to protecting the safety of the food supply chain, nobody takes it more seriously than AIB.

This award simply affirms that our plants are all run with the very highest food safety excellence levels in mind. We couldn’t be prouder, although we like to think these are the high standards our customers have come to expect from us.



Our Products


Most of our McCain products are proudly grown and manufactured right here on South African soil.

We always go to great lengths to source our produce from South African farms, and only when we absolutely can’t get what we’re looking for, do we look elsewhere.

It is nature and our farmers who provide us with our most important raw ingredients, so because they’ve been so good to us over the last few years, we think it’s only fair that we’re good in return.

That’s why we’re 100% committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment whilst nurturing new initiatives for sustainable farming, production, distribution and waste management. We also do everything we can to support, nurture and build great relationships with our farmers.

We have a number of top commercial farmers who make a massive contribution in our industry and supply us with the bulk of our crops, and others too. They also play an important role in setting the highest possible standards in their regions.

Our History

Do good things

Being all good by no means refers to just our food. McCain looks out for the environment, the community, and its people.

We have a long-standing tradition of helping improve the quality of life in our communities. We do this by supporting programmes that have widespread social impact, particularly in the realms of education, health and active living.
We give support through the volunteer efforts of our incredible people, transfer of our knowledge and expertise to growers, the donation of our products and services, and sponsorships towards worthy goals.

Should you be interested, simply submit a form for your organisation to get involved.



Think Again

If you think fresh vegetables are better quality than frozen vegetables, think again.

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