Are frozen vegetables healthy?
Yes, they retain their nutritional quality providing you with the same vitamins and minerals that the fresh options do. By quick freezing, it freezes the vegetable or potato quickly to allow the water in the food to freeze within a short period of time without crystals forming thus avoiding the destruction of the cell membrane.
Are preservatives added to frozen vegetables and potatoes?
No, as there is no need to add preservatives as microorganisms do not grow when food temperatures reach such low temperatures.
How do I cook frozen vegetables and potatoes?
Cook directly from frozen and do not thaw before use.  Follow instructions on the back of pack to ensure taste and texture of your vegetables and potatoes.
Does McCain support local farmers?
Yes, all our vegetables and potatoes are sourced from local farmers and even participate in the growing and harvesting of the produce.  Only as a last resort when we cannot find sufficient supply and quality, do we import from verifiable sources.
What products does McCain supply?

McCain is not only known for their good quality vegetables but also for their wide range of potatoes and meals.

Vegetables ranges from peas to an assortment of stir fry’s.  Products in the potato range from the traditional fry chip to the oven bake range and in different cut sizes and styles.  So looking for the perfect potato chip has just been made easier. And if you are rushed for time but will not compromise on taste and quality we offer a selection of side of plate vegetable dishes such as creamy spinach and a full meal option such as Beef lasagne.