Think Again

There are a lot of myths out there about frozen chips and veggies, but we’ve got some interesting facts that’ll make you think again.

If you think fresh vegetables are nutritionally better than frozen vegetables, think again.
All of McCain’s frozen vegetables are picked and quick-frozen on the same day, to lock in all of their goodness. By the time fresh veggies are picked, transported and delivered to your grocery store, often days have gone by. Which means fresh isn’t always as fresh as you think it is.
If you think fresh vegetables are better quality than frozen vegetables, think again.
At McCain we make a point of working closely with all our farmers to ensure we provide you with the best produce in every pack. We pick our veggies at their peak, freeze them to lock in the goodness and packed them to deliver on taste, making mealtime good, every time.
If you thought McCain is not local, think again.
We always go to great lengths to source produce from home-grown South African farms and only when we absolutely can’t get what were looking for, do we look elsewhere.
If you think fresh tastes better than frozen, think again.
One of the key secrets to preparing tasty frozen food is to cook it correctly. You need the right amount of water and of course the correct cooking times. For example, you only need to cook frozen peas for 3 minutes. And chips also only require 3 minutes for fried chips and longer for oven-baked chips. Around 20 minutes to ensure your potatoes are done to perfection.
If you think freezing destroys all the nutrients in your food, think again.
Freezing is a natural preservative. And our vegetables are quick-frozen on the same day of picking, to lock in the goodness, so they’re naturally as nutritious as when they were picked.
If you think McCain frozen vegetables contain additives and preservatives, think again.
We quick-freeze all our vegetables within hours of harvesting. This means that we don’t have to add any additives or preservatives to our vegetables.
If you think frozen potatoes are over-processed, think again.
Our Original Oven Chips are simply made from real potatoes, lightly prepared in sunflower oil, frozen and then packed. It’s that simple. 
If you think you can cook frozen vegetables the same way as fresh vegetables, think again.
The key difference between fresh and frozen vegetables is how you cook them. For example, to boil frozen carrots, simply take your bag from the freezer, put them in your pot, add a small amount of water (at most just enough to cover your vegetables) and boil for 3 minutes. Be careful not to exceed this cooking time, remember fresh vegetables require much longer cooking times than frozen vegetables. Then when they’re cooked, simply drain, season and serve.
If you think frozen vegetables are only good as a meal accompaniment, think again.
McCain has an incredibly wide range of products. We endeavour to bring you vegetables to suit every need, taste and occasion. We have peas to go with your fish and Chips or stir fry for an exotic meal. Roast vegetables for a Sunday roast.Our vegetables can also be used as an ingredient, as in our Chef’s Solutions range, which can be used in pasta dishes or as pizza toppings. Or our vegetables can be used in stews, casseroles, and salads. See our recipe pages for more inspiration.
If you think frozen is more expensive than fresh, think again.
Frozen vegetables have so many benefits. There is no waste from peeling and chopping. They last longer without spoiling so there’s 0% wastage. You also only have to cook them for a short period of time compared to fresh vegetables and the best part is that frozen vegetables are always in season, and if you remember to stock up, they’re always in stock, in your freezer.
If you think McCain Vegetables are boring, think again.
McCain has an incredibly wide range of vegetables for you to choose from. From packs of single vegetables, to mixes, stir fries and even creamed spinach.  We also have some great recipes to help you take any simple vegetable and create a tasty, exciting dish.
If you think oven-baked chips don’t taste as good as fried chips, think again.
Try our Crispy Oven Chips, which are as tasty as the best chip you’ve ever had. They are chips as chips should be – golden and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
If you think chips are bad for you, full of fat or have to be deep-fried, think again.
We have a wide and versatile range of oven-baked chips that are better for you than fried chips. They’re low in fats and saturated fats and even though they are baked and not fried, they’re still just as delicious, crispy and fluffy. Some of the chips in the range only have 3% fat and are low in saturated fats.
If you think chips are bad for you and full of additives and preservatives, think again.
To produce our Original Oven Chips we simply harvest the best potatoes, wash, peel and cut them, lightly prepare them in sunflower oil, then pack and freeze them. So you see, they’re made from nothing more than potatoes, sunflower oil and love and nothing else.
If you think chips are bad for you, or that they are made from reconstituted potatoes, think again.
All McCain Chips are made from real farm-fresh potatoes. We simply take the potatoes, wash them, peel them, cut them and cook them.
If you think McCain only make chips, think again.
We might be well known for our delicious chips but you’ll be pleased to hear that we also make a great range of other potato products such as smiles for kids, roast potatoes and sweet potato, as well as a whole range of vegetable products. So don’t forget to visit us in the freezer aisle of your local supermarket for tons of great, healthy, delicious meal ideas.