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Can You Use Frozen Veggies in Smoothies?

Vegetables, frozen at the moment of picking are in fact the healthier and more nutritious option because the nutrients in vegetables deteriorate from the moment they are picked. Frozen vegetables, however, will have more nutrients than non frozen options as their nutrients are locked in by modern freezing technology techniques, and remain nutritious until used.

There are other benefits to using frozen vegetables as well. 

In these busy lifestyles we lead, using frozen vegetables will save you valuable time because they are already washed, cut and ready to be cooked. Just follow the cooking instructions on pack and then pop them in the blender.

Not only do they save you time, but also money. Frozen vegetables are great for the budget conscious shopper because when stored correctly (in your freezer of course) they don’t spoil easily and you only have to use what you need, returning the rest to the freezer for later use.

Frozen Vegetables are available all year round, so you can always find your favourites.

Used in Smoothies there are even more benefits… blended frozen vegetables make the flavour and texture better as well as add bulk, smoothness and consistency. Drinking a vegetable smoothie is also an excellent way to start your day from a nutritional and health point of view.

Sweet Butternut Love Smoothie

Sweet Butternut Love Smoothie

Of course when it comes to getting your day started right, nobody does it better than the truly wonderful Nkateko Dinwiddy aka Takkies, founder and creator of an innovative dance workout concept (a South African first) called Rockingnheels.

Takkies’ had a real passion for dance from a young age which grew into what she loves today. She even paid her own way to the Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles at the age of 19.

“I always knew what I wanted to do was dance,” she says.

One of the driving forces to start Rockingnheels was to help people find healing in and through dance, as she did after the passing of her father. To also push it up a notch she says soon she will be helping people with the nutritional side of staying fit.

“I want to help people eat well. Especially we black people. I feel that we don’t have access to that. We eat what we know. I don’t want to just teach people how to be fit I want to teach people what to eat.”

Dancer, choreographer and entrepreneur Takkies is a fast becoming a household name. Her energy and passion is infectious to say the least and we’re so excited to be teaming up with her with a range of vegetable smoothies - let’s just hope we can keep up with her.


Find all the recipes on our social media pages

Find all the recipes on our social media pages

Check out some of Takkies' delicious smoothie recipes or join in the fun with "Rockingnheels" at this years Fit Night Out event at Monte Casino, Joburg on the 17 of August 2019