Rustic Hake & Mushy Peas

Rustic Hake & Mushy Peas


100g McCain Rustic Chips. Click for Product Info

15ml Chip Seasoning


Mushy Peas

80g McCain Peas. Click for Product Info

15ml Butter

30ml Cream


Other Ingredients:

Beer Battered Hake

1 each Hake Fillet

½ cup Flour

1 can Beer


  1. For the batter, mix beer and flour together then whisk until smooth, thin texture is achieved. Season with salt & pepper
  2. Heat the McCain frozen peas in a pot then add butter, cream and seasoning. Mash the peas until smooth then set aside.
  3. Deep fry McCain Rustic Chips until cooked and golden, then season with chip seasoning. See our Cooking Tips Guide
  4. Pat dry hake fillet, dust in seasoned flour then dip into the batter. Deep fry until hake is cooked and golden.
  5. Serve with chips and mushy peas.