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Creating enjoyable mealtimes around the world


McCain Foods has been at the centre of mealtimes for generations. That’s because creating great tasting food is at the heart of everything we do.

We are constantly developing innovative new food offerings to meet different occasions, tastes and needs for people around the world.

Through our investment and innovation we offer a wide variety of fries, prepared potato and vegetable products, for both the retail and food service channels.

Check out some of our enjoyable retail product offerings and delicious serving suggestions right here!

Delicious Recipes


Whether it’s a family meal around the table or plate of food in front of the TV, the McCain range of frozen products have brought enjoyment to mealtimes for over 60 years. Discover your new favourites.



Can You Use Frozen Veggies in Smoothies?

One of the health benefits of drinking vegetable smoothies is that they are a convenient and easy way to increase your daily intake of vegetables. But many people don’t know that using frozen vegetables is the best way to get the most out of your blended creation. So the simple answer is yes, you can and you should… here’s why…

Frozen Veggies Smoothies?
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